Barium Sulfate

Produce the original particle size barium sulphateproduct through control the chemical reaction of pure barium sulfide and Sodiumsulfate solutions.

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Transparent Powder

Most of the modern furniturerequires wood coatings to show a clear texture of the logs, to make the furnituremore natural and high-end. So it request the wood coating with very hightransparency. Transparent powder is a kind of filler , which is used to addinto the coating to make the coating with transparency, and it can be also applied in various transparent polymerproduct. It can reduce cost and improve physical properties of the coating


Calcium Carbonate

Selected calcite ores, and large amount of mineralreserves.

Advanced equipments and production technology.

Strict production management and advanced inspection instrument.

The application of professional research.

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Modified Sodium Sulfate

This product produced with high purity sodium sulfatesolution, coated the surface with special wet processing technology, then spraydrying and become special particle size anhydrous sodium sulfate powder.

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