Precipitated Barium Sulphate
HOYONN Synthesis Process of Precipitated Barium Sulphate Produce the original particle size barium sulphate product through control the chemical reaction of pure barium sulfide and Sodium sulfate solutions.

Chemical synthesis used in the production of HY-PBS has endowed more outstanding performances. It becomes good filler which has high whiteness, low oil absorption, low wear index, and low bulk color. ◆ HY-PBS, acid and alkali, good stability in water and organic medium improved its light resistance and weather resistance. ◆ We use advanced grinding technology and professional crystal form control in the production of HY-PBS. Its unique narrow particle size distribution, ultrafine particle size, good specific surface area, and low viscosity, makes it suitable for diversified applications. ◆ The hardness value of HY-PBS can reach 3Mohs 3, which endowed this product low wear capacity. ◆ HY-PBS can keep the high light reflectivity not only in ultraviolet or infrared environment, but also in broad spectral range areas. This product can applied to any high gloss coating products, which can bring more business value to the customers.

The Characteristics of HOYONN Precipitated Barium Sulphate
Precipitated Barium Sulphate

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