Natural Barium Sulphate Series
Production Technology
This series of product appears to superfine white powder which is made from selected barite ores and deal with elaborate grinding processes.

High quality due to the following core elements
◆ Selected ores, 5 million tons of mineral reserves.
◆ Advanced equipments and production technology.
◆ Strict production management and advanced inspection instrument.
◆ The application of professional research.

Product Distribution
We can provide customized service to satisfy our customer's special request.
BaSO4 content: 80-95%
Whiteness: 80°-95°
Particle size: 200-6000 mesh
Natural Barium Sulphate Series
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-L922)
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-L918)
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-L909)
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-D722)
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-D718)
Natural Barium Sulphate(B-D707)
Natural Barium Sulphate (High Purity Series)
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Application Areas