Calcium Carbonate Series
Production Technology This series of products appears to superfine white powder, which is made from selected calcite ores and deal with elaborate grinding processes.

High quality due to the following core elements ◆ Selected calcite ores, and large amount of mineral reserves. ◆ Advanced equipments and production technology. ◆  Strict production management and advanced inspection instrument. ◆  The application of professional research.
Product Distribution We can provide customized service to satisfy our customer's special request. CaCO3 Content: More than 98% Whiteness: 92°-97° Particle Size: 200-6000 mesh
Features ◆ High purity, Low impurities content, High Whiteness, Soft hue, instead certain amount of white pigment. ◆Heavy metal free, Up to EU standard (Toy Safety Part III), which can safely use in food production and children products coating. ◆ Low density of the product can increase the coating ratio and spraying area. It can instead barium sulphate and help the producer to reduce the costs. ◆ The oil absorption is higher than BaSO4, which can help to make the textures surface more stereoscopic.
Calcium Carbonate Series Technical Data
Application Areas