Transparent Powder Anhydrous T-801
HOYONN T-8 series anhydrous transparent powder is a new inorganic non-metallic powder, which is researched by Hoyonn R&D team cooperated with several scientific institutions. It's aluminosilicate crystal. It's made of natural    transparent ore through advanced purification process, use special filter technology and surface treatment technology to produce it.
Features ◆ No free water, no crystal water, good temperature resistance, excellent light resistance, great chemical stability, non-hygroscopic, non-caking, non-agglomerative, good stability for storage and use. ◆ It's transparent microcrystal homogeneous silicate structure, crystal size is less than light wavelength, its refractive index is 1.54-1.55, it's consistent with most of the resin, and the transparency is better than resin. It will not be  birefractive .So there is little haze and dispersion of the coating, and  it's not bluish. ◆ T-8 Transparent powder is special surface treated, with low oil absorption, it has a very good compatibility, wetting and dispersibility, leveling and luster in resin. ◆ T-8 Transparent powder particle size is stable, it can effectively reduce the shrinkage stress of the coating, to prevent collapse, and improve the     adhesion of the coating.
Technical Data