Transparent Powder T601
Hoyonn T-6 series oil wood paint universal transparent powder, it use underground deep mining and high-grade natural transparent crystal ore as a raw material, manufactured by special process.
Features ◆ T-6 series transparent powder is with refractive index 1.52 ~ 1.53,   and it's close to most of the wood paint used resin such as PE, PU ,UV . So it can make the coating higher transparency, especially used in the PE resin system, the transparency is the best. ◆ T-6 series transparent powder's Mohs hardness is close to  talc powder,   it's1.5 ~ 2.0, and it's with better sanding property , which can meet the requirements of paint grinding, and replace a large number of talc, and can improve the transparency of the coating and reduce the cost. ◆ T-6 series transparent powder, its density is light, fineness is moderate, oil absorption is low, and fallibility is good. Usde in the oil resin, it has good compatibility, dispersity and anti-precipitation, which can significantly improve the fullness, flexibility, collapse resistance and anti-cracking and other properties of the coating. ◆ T-6 series transparent powder is high whiteness, perfect hue. If added large number into paint, it will not cover the true hue(white) of the resin. So that it can improve the coating solid content and make it better appearance hue. Which can the coating with great color sense.
Technical Data  
Usage and Suggestion
The transparent powder will slowly separate out free water if put at high temperature place for a long time. Which will make the  coating whitening. Then it will limit its application in some paint    formulations. Applied in PE paint, as PE resin is high solid content and viscosity, it has good coating property for powder. If the produce environment(temperature and humidity) is well controlled ,it's recommended to add 20-40% of the total formulation, at most 45% Applied in PU paint, as the free water may react with isocyanate which is in the curing agent, increase the risk of coating whitening. So in PU paint, the dosage should be controlled. In PU and UV paint, the recommended dosage is 5-20% the total formulation.