Suface Adjusting Additive MFA-06A

Powder Coating Surface Adjust Agent MFA-06A

Powder Coating Surface Adjust Agent MFA-06A is a complex multi-functional additive, suitable for variety of thermosetting powder coatings, with leveling, dispersion, wetting, defoaming, scratch-resistant and other characteristics. Can replace leveling agent, wetting accelerator(or brightener),benzoin,wax powder and other additives in the formula, simplify the formula, improve work efficiency and cost effective. It meets the RoHS directive.

Point:   Use MFA-06A then no need add normal leveling agent/benzoin/brightener/wax,make formulation more simple.

Coating Agent MFA-06 Character

Appearance: White powder or granules
Non- volatile(%): ≥99.5
Apparent gravity (g/cm3): 0.8-1.2
Active components(%): 75-90


Applied in pure epoxy, epoxy polyester, polyester TGIC(HAA), polyurethane, acrylic acid and other thermosetting powder coating, not subject to gloss.


●Provides excellent flow and leveling performance;

●It can help get rid of bubble and pinhole on the coating;
●Effectively improve the coating surface hardness and scratch resistance property;
●Good compatibility and processing performance;
●Perfect anti-static property, improve the coating ratio;
●No impact on the recoating;
●Used for
matte formula, no impact on the matting;
●Higher cost performance, help reduce cost.

Dosage And Usage:

Recommended dosage: 2% to 4% of total formula, usually 3%, but different equipment with different dispersion effect, the best dosage should be based on the exact test. In general, when the equipment dispersion is not good enough, please consider to increase MFA-06 dosage.
Powder coating agent MFA- 06A should evenly dry mix with other materials in the formula, and heat melting and mixing extrude.

Packing and Storage:

●This product is lined with PE plastic bags and wrapped in paper bags. Net weight:25kgs/Bag;
●Under normal temperature, Keep ventilated and dry to prevent sun and rain, keep away from heat.

Reference Formula

Epoxy Resin(EEW~750-800g/eq)                28
Polyester Resin(AV~70-75mgKOH)            28
Titanium Dioxide                                         25
Filler                                                             15
MFA-06A                                                         3
Coloring Pigment           
              Appropriate Amount