Texture Agent Hua Wang 5#B

Texture Agent Hua Wang 5#B

This product is a multifunctional additives, used as a powder coating texture additives, through the adjustment of the formula, very few additions can produce wrinkles, patterns, hammers or cracks and other different textures with large texture and strong three-dimensional, giving the powder coating excellent surface decoration effect. This product can be added in finished powder.

● This product can be added in the final powder coating product, with 0.2-1.0% dosage can make uniform wrinkles, patterns, hammers or crack effect, with adjust of the formula, can make different sizes, different three-dimensional texture.  
● Not affected by the curing temperature,and suitable for bread oven and assembly line production;
● Can be used in different types of high gloss and matt powder coating systems;
● Can be used to recycle powder to produce wrinkles, patterns or cracked powder;
● Can be used for ordinary flat powder and can also obtain satisfactory wrinkle texture;

● Affordable, cost-effective

Technical Data
     Appearance                                                      White Powder
Apparent density                                                     0.8∼0.9g/cm³
     Non-volatile                                                          >99.5%

Packing, Storage and Transportation:

Carton with PE inner bag, N.W.:20kgs/Bag
This product is non-dangerous goods, transport process should avoid severe vibration, to avoid high temperature sunshine, to prevent product agglomeration.
Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place, at room temperature to maintain stability. The shelf life is 2 years at room temperature below 25℃.


After opening the bag the unused product should tie the bag to prevent moisture absorption.
This product is prohibited from weight, and shall not be a separate high-speed mixing of the goods,  so as not to agglomerate easily dispersed.

【Reference formula】(Grey Wrinkle Powder)

Original Powder Coating
P9335A:                          461.5
TGIC:                                35
R996:                               180
Superfine BaSO4:            320
Amido Wax:                     3
MA-100:                         0.5
The bottom powder is added with 0.2-0.3% Hua Wang 5#B and evenly sieved to obtain the finished wrinkle powder.