Transfer Printing Agent HA-903

Transfer Printing Agent For Security Door

(Indoor Vacuum Transfer)


This product is a modified functional additive, used for indoor security door vacuum thermal transfer powder coating.With leveling, dispersing, wetting, defoaming, anti-adhesion, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance,improving DOI and other characteristics.Can replace leveling agent, wetting accelerator(or brightener),benzoin,wax powder and other additives in the formula,effectively improve the transfer pattern clarity of powder coating film, make the transfer film easy to peel off, simplify the formulation, improve work efficiency, enhance product cost performance, and meet the requirements of RoHS instructions.

Product Character

●  Added to the outdoor transfer printing powder coating formulation in about 2.5% proportion. After dry mixing with other components, the product is melted and extruded by extruder. It can effectively improve the crosslinking density of the system, improve the definition of transfer printing pattern and make the transfer printing film easy to peel off.

● This product can give the powder coating excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance.
● No impact on the adhesion of recoating film.


●Recommended dosage: About 2.5% of the total formula.Due to the different dispersion effects of different equipment, the optimal dosage should be determined by a separate test. In general, when the equipment dispersion effect is poor, the dosage of HA-903 should be increased.
●Usage: HA-903 should be mixed evenly with the other ingredients of the formula and heated evenly through the extruder to melt mixing extrusion.

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
● Paper-plastic composite bag with PE inner.Net weight: 25kgs/Bag;
●Under normal temperature, Keep ventilated and dry to prevent sun and rain, keep away from heat.
●This product is prohibited from heavy pressure, and it is not allowed to stir the product at high-speed so as not to disperse easily after it's caking.

Reference Formula  
      Polyester Resin(AV~70-75mgKOH/g)                     27
      E-12                                                                               28
      Extender Pigment(Filler)                                           40~42
      HA-903                                                                         2.5
      Pigment                                                       Appropriate Amount