13 Industrial Uses of Barium Sulphate Powder

Barium sulphate powder is a raw material for chemical industry, which is made of barite as the main origin and processed through ore dressing, washing and grinding. It is characterized by high specific gravity(4.3-4.7g/cm3), low hardness(3-3.5Mohs) and high brittleness. Barite is almost insoluble in water, ethanol or acid, but is soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. With the development of high-performance barium sulphate products, the application fields of barium sulphate are expanding. Read on to learn how it is used in various industries.

1. Paints and Powder Coatings

Barium sulphate has low cohesiveness, low light dispersion, fine particle size, chemical and weathering resistance, making it especially suitable for filling materials of topcoats, varnishes and spray paints. Its high inertness of insoluble in water, acid or alkali, high whiteness and tiny particles can keep the color stability and surface hardness, so that the top coat is hard to be damaged in long-term exposure. Barium sulfate can also be used in primers, and thick paste coatings. Its low abrasion property during processing can ganruatee the uniformity and smoothness of the paint.

Barium sulfate used in latex paint can make it resistant to acid even when exposed to outdoor environment. Its easy dispersibility, light retention and good flowability can increase the paints’ chemical properties. Barium sulfate used in flooring paint also has excellent properties – acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, scratch resistance and dust resistance, better than silica micro powder or quartz sand.

In powder coatings, barium sulphate filler can improve its glossiness, fluidity, and compatibility with various pigments.

Barium Sulphate 13 Uses-Powder Coatings

2. Pigments

Barium sulphate is used as a spacer for titanium dioxide and pigments in plastics, which can reduce the amount of pigment added and save about 10% of the cost. Its light reflection maintains color stability.

Titanium dioxide or pigment particles in coatings are usually not completely dispersed, and the particles will agglomerate together causing a decrease in scattering rate and coverage, making these titanium dioxide agglomerates a great waste. The average particle size of submicron barium sulfate is about 1.3μm, which is about twice as large as titanium dioxide particles. When submicron barium sulfate is added, its mesoscopic microcrystalline particles can separate the agglomerated titanium dioxide particles.

The application of submicron barium sulfate as bulk pigment in high-end products such as spraying powder coatings, electrophoretic coatings and high gloss coatings can make the products more competitive in terms of technology and price.

3. Printing Inks

Its low abrasiveness, high gloss, color stability, low cohesion, and good flowability make barium sulphate suitable for high-quality printing ink filling.

4. Rubber

Barium sulphate is used as filler to increase the hardness of silicone rubber and reduce its elasticity. 500 mesh or less barite powder can be used in large quantities as filler in rubber products to reduce costs, improve its hardness, and increase resistance to acid, alkali and water. It also has a good reinforcing effect on natural as well as synthetic rubber.

5. Paper Coating

Barium sulphate is used in the production of paper coatings to increase gloss and fluidity, such as white transparent paper in art paper. The titanium dioxide part can be replaced by double barium sulphate without losing gloss. High-fineness barite powder can also be used as filler for white board paper and copper board paper to improve their whiteness and surface coverage.

6. Elastomer and Sealer

Barium sulphate does not contain any heavy metal or toxic gas, so it is a very good filling material for food and medical elastomer or sealer. It can increase the anti-aging property of the products.

7. Thermoplastics

As a nucleating agent with both thermal conductivity and easy flowability, barium sulphate can reduce the injection molding time of thermoplastics and improve their strength and thermal stability. It can be used as a filler for ABS plastic to improve the strength, stiffness and wear resistance of ABS plastics.

Barium Sulphate 13 Uses-ABS Plastics

8. Adhesives

The good rheological properties, high fillability and chemical resistance of barium sulphate make it suitable for filling adhesives, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane products.

9. Glass

Barium sulphate is used as a deaerator, clarifier and flux of glass, which can increase the optical stability, gloss and strength of glass.

10. Battery

Barium sulphate is an additive added to the anode material of battery products. Precipitated barium sulphate is one of the swelling agents added to the negative electrode, which serves to improve the porosity of the electrode plate and can enhance the charging and discharging performance of the battery. The filling effect of barium sulphate which is stable in nature provides a good environment for electrochemical reaction. The high barium sulphate content and low iron content of the battery can strengthen the activity of the negative electrode plate and prevent the plate from caking. Even at minus 20-30 degrees, the battery still maintains good performance and its longevity won’t shrink.

11. Friction Materials

Barite has been an indispensable inorganic filler in friction materials because of its moderate hardness, high specific gravity, non-toxic and high-temperature resistance. The use of barite powder is conducive to stabilizing the friction coefficient and reducing the wear rate, so the friction surface is smooth. Therefore, barite is usually used as a friction performance modifier, the amount of which should be 8%-35%.

Friction Materials

12. Anti-radiation

Barium sulphate can be used in the decoration of internal and external walls to effectively shield X-rays, mainly used in the dental, hospital X-ray room, and CT room that need to prevent X-rays. Radiation-proof cement, mortar and concrete are made of barium sulphate which can absorb X-rays. This can replace the use of metal lead plates.

13. Oil and Gas Drilling

200 mesh and 325 mesh barite powder is the main material of oil and gas field drilling mud. The circulating mud containing barite powder can cool the drill bit, remove the debris, and close the hole wall, thus strengthening the well wall, controlling oil and gas pressure and preventing blowout accidents.

Hoyonn Barium Sulphate

Although barium sulphate can be applied in various industries, Hoyonn barium sulphate is espacially designed for polymer products. Our Natural Barium Sulphate Series and Precipitated Barium Sulphate are the most popular for paints and powder coating products. Contact us now to get a best price!

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