Hoyonn is specializing in the development, production, sales and service of functional fillers and additives for polymer materials. We efficiently provide customers with targeted technical support, and offer them cost-effective product solutions.

With 20 years of experience in this field and the pursuit of excellence, all our products aiming at high performance are widely supplied to customers in industries such as coatings, plastics, adhesives, and other polymers all over the world.

Hoyonn focuses on product development innovation and advanced formulation systems, and is committed to continuous improvement of product performance and the pursuit of fruitful technical services to meet customers’ expectations.

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Hoyonn Group

Hubei Hoyonn Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Hoyonn (Hubei) Nanotechnology Industry Co., Ltd
Sevo Chemical Industry (Hubei) Co., Ltd
Sivo (Hubei) Polymer Co., Ltd

Development History

We started our business by developing barite and calcite mines. We built a refining plant to produce and sell barite and calcite ores, with a daily output of up to 400 tons.


We established an powder grinding plant to produce ultra-fine non-metallic mineral powders, food- and medical-grade powder materials. The daily production could reach 100 tons, and it increased to 300 tons per day by 2004.


The laboratory and R&D center were established to provide technical support for production and testing.


We invested in an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of precipitated barium sulphate, who has a daily production capacity of 100 tons of precipitated barium sulphate.


Our Powder Coating Business Department was set up for the manufacture of powder coating as well as its industrial applications. We also set up an Overseas Business Group to provide our products and services to professional customers all over the world.


Our Filler Masterbatch Production Department was established for the R&D and production of various filler masterbatches with advanced equipment. The products are mainly used for blown film, injection molding, blistering, non-woven fabric, plastic sheet, plate, pipe, etc.


We set up our Powder Coating Additives Production Department to develop and produce leveling agents, brightening agents, benzoin, matting agents, floating agents, as well as curing agents TGIC and HAA.


Our Transparent Powder was launched to be applied in wood paint, adhesive, and so on, to give transparency to the surface. It is very unique and popular in Chinese domestic market.


The Modified High-Gloss Powder and Modified Matte Powder, which have been researched and developed for many years, were launched as cost-effective functional filling materials for indoor and outdoor flat powder coatings. They are also widely used by Chinese domestic powder coating enterprises.


We will continue to introduce outstanding talents, increase investment in R&D and production, and develop more competitive new products to create value for our customers.


Specialist in Functional Fillers and Additives in Polymer Field

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