Matting and Matting Agents for Coatings

High-gloss coatings are loved by consumers for their bright colors and beautiful gloss, thus have been popular in the market for quite a long time. However, with continuous economic improvement, consumers are more and more …

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How Many Types of Powder Coating Additives?

The additive is an important part of powder coating. It is to improve the production and construction of powder coating and to improve the performance of the coating film. Although the amount added is much …

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What to Consider When Using Additives in Powder Coatings

Powder coating additives are chemicals added to the powder coating base material that can help obtain different mechanical properties. So, what should we consider when applying additives in powder coatings? Compatibility with the Resin This is the first issue …

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Specialist in Functional Fillers and Additives in Polymer Field

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