Barite Powder vs. Natural Barium Sulphate

Barite is the mineralogical name of barium sulphate, and barium sulphate (BaSO4) is the chemical composition of barite. The higher the barium sulphate content, the better the quality of barite. Barite is a mixture of ores because it contains a few impurities, but the main component is barium sulphate which is pure.

Natural barium sulphate, also called as barite powder, is made from barite ore by physical grinding. The chemical composition of barite is BaSO4, and the crystal is a sulphate mineral of orthogonal (rhombohedral) crystal system. It is often in the form of thick plate or columnar crystals, mostly in the form of dense block, plate, or granular aggregates. When it is very pure, it looks colorless and transparent. But when it has impurities, it’s colored with various colors with white streaks and glassy luster and looks transparent to translucent. Its three sets of deconstruction are complete, and the angle is equal to or nearly 90°. It has a Mohs hardness of 3-3.5 and a specific gravity of 4.0-4.6.

Barite Powder

Applications of Barite Powder

Barite powder is usually used in petroleum, chemical, paint, filler and other industrial sectors, of which 80-90% is used as an aggravating agent of the mud in oil drilling.

  1. Oil and gas drilling Barite powder is used as an aggravating agent for oil and gas drilling mud. The mud containing this aggravating agent can cool the drill bit, strengthen the well wall, and control the pressure of crude oil and natural gas, so as to stabilize the oil and gas production and prevent blowout accidents.
  2. Paint and coating industry. It can be used as a filler for paints and coatings to replace other higher-priced raw materials such as precipitated barium sulphate, rhodopsin, titanium dioxide, active silicon dioxide, etc. It is suitable for controlling the viscosity of paints, making the products glossy and stable.
  3. Plastic industry. Barite powder can be used as filler for various plastic materials, also can be used in chips and mahjong to make the products glossy and shiny, and also can improve the strength, stiffness and wear resistance of the plastic
  4. Rubber industry. 500 mesh or less barite powder can be used as filler in rubber products to reduce cost, improve the hardness, acid and alkali resistance, and water resistance of the rubber product. It also has a good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
  5. Paper industry. Barite powder with high fineness can be used as filler and coating filler for whiteboard paper and copper board paper to improve whiteness and surface coverage.


We all know that barite powder is used in a wide range of fields. The most common use of barite powder is as the aggravating agent in oilfield operations to control oil and gas pressure, lubricate drilling rods, and prevent spontaneous blowout of oil wells. Barite powder can also be used as catalysts, lubricants, contrast agents, weighting agents, light enhancers, etc. It may be used in our daily necessities such as toothbrush handles, toothpaste, toilet paper, tea cups, home appliances, batteries, bags, etc.

Hoyonn Natural Barium Sulphate (Barite Powder)

Since 2001, Hoyonn has 20 years of experience in mine development, research, manufacturing, and sales. We specialize in producing natural barium sulphateprecipitated barium sulphatenano barium sulphate, and other filler materials for polymers. We adopt advanced formulation systems and innovative R&D technology to provide customized functional filler and additives solutions for our customers. Our products are trusted by all our customers and are exported to well-known brands of coatings and plastics manufacturers worldwide.

Hoyonn Natural Barium Sulphate Series is available in 7 types of parameters. Click here for the technical index of each type. Contact us for a quote, or ask us to provide you with professional advice and free samples.

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