Quality Assurance

Production Management

Lean Production

We fully engage every employee in the pursuit of lean production. We adhere to the principle of customer orientation to continuously improve ourselves, in order to practice our corporate value of continuous improvement.

In order to manage the quality and stability of our products in a comprehensive manner, we have introduced various advanced production equipment, as well as control technology systems and R&D teams for lean manufacturing process.

Our efficient and flexible experimental and production facilities meet a wide range of evaluation requirements for mass production. It also helps us to quickly establish effective production specifications and standards.

We are committed to continuously increasing our investment in production facilities and processing technology to meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Quality Control and Management

Quality Management

Our factory is certified by ISO9001 for the Quality Management System and ISO14001 for the Environmental Management System. We strictly control every step of the production process to achieve high product quality and environmental friendliness.

We use the most stringent standards for the selection and quality control of all raw materials. Different raw materials are independently tested and evaluated before shipment.

In addition to quality management, we also focus on technological innovation and service improvement. We strive to produce the best products in the polymer field through continuous efforts.

Our growth strategy and business philosophy rely on our understanding of our customers’ current and future demands, and our readiness to respond to those changing needs.


Specialist in Functional Fillers and Additives in Polymer Field



Hoyonn Chemical is committed to being a solution provider for worthwhile formulation systems beyond a new material supplier.

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