Matting Agent SV-B68

B68 is a salt formed by cyclic amidine and polybasic acid. It can be used as a matting curing agent for pure epoxy or polyester-epoxy hybrid powder coatings.

Product Features

Appearance: White powder.

Softening Point: 220-230℃.

Matting Performance: Using SV-B68 in pure epoxy system can obtain stable gloss of 2-3%. Using SV-B68 in polyester-epoxy system can obtain stable medium-to-low gloss.

Matting Principle: Chemical reaction, consume 8-10 units of epoxy per unit SV-B68 in the formulation.

Coating Surface: Flat and smooth, skin feeling.

Mechanical Property: Impact resistance ±50KG*cm, excellent mechanical property.

Stability: Gloss is almost unchanged at 200±10℃, good storability.

Storage Condition: 30℃, two years.


1. It is recommended to do advanced sample test before bulk production.

2. The use of accelerator may cause the gloss to rise. Some organic pigments may cause color change before or after curing.

3. Powder coating configured with B68 has good storability. But it is recommended to use as soon as possible especially in hot weather in case of any risk caused by long-time storage.

4. Storage condition: 30℃, one year.

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