S90 Filler for Sand Texture Powder Coating

International powder coating manufacturers are accustomed to using traditional inorganic fillers, such as barite powder and precipitated barium sulphate, to fill powder coatings in order to reduce costs and improve mechanical properties. However, the use of fillers doesn’t strictly differentiate from each other for different textures like sand, wrinkle, hammertone, metallic and many more.

Among these textures, the sand texture is the most common one after the flat surface. Sand texture powder coating is often sprayed on aluminum doors and windows, modern-style furniture, toys, electric tools, etc. The sprayed surface gloss usually falls between 5-10%, and the finish feels like sandpaper. The common approach to achieving sand texture is to add sand texture agent and bentonite to the formula.

S90 is a filler specially developed for sand texture powder coating. Replacing traditional fillers with S90, the use of sand texture agent can be reduced by around 50%, and there is no need to use bentonite. Even so, the surface gloss can be lower than 5%. S90 can effectively reduce the material cost, and obtain better matte and sand texture effect.

What Is S90

S90 Sand Texture Powder Coating Filler

After years of technical accumulation through joint R&D with local science universities, we have developed S90 for the niche market of sand texture powder coating.

S90 is an inorganic silica-based composite material made by special filtration and grading and surface treatment with strict crystal shape control by advanced synthesis process technology.



D50 Particle Size


Inorganic Content



L*:92  a*:0.2  b*:-0.2

Specific Gravity


Oil Absorption




Acid Solubles


Residues (325 mesh)


Why You Need S90

Black Sand Texture
Grey Sand Texture
Blue Sand Texture
Green Sand Texture

How to Use

1. Replace the traditional filler in the formulation with S90.
2. No need to use bentonite, the G60° gloss can be reduced to less than 5%.
3. If you need a G60° gloss higher than 5%, reduce the dosage of sand texture agent.

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