Transparent Powder (Anhydrous) T-801

Most modern furniture requires wood coatings that reveal the clear grain of the original wood and show its high-grade, natural appearance. Therefore, the furniture market demands a high level of transparency in wood coatings.

The transparent powder is a functional filler added to coatings to give transparency to the paint film. It can also be used in many transparent polymer products to reduce costs and improve mechanical properties of coatings.

Hoyonn Transparent Powder (Anhydrous) T-801 is a new inorganic non-metallic powder, which is researched by Hoyonn R&D team and local scientific institutions. It’s an aluminosilicate crystal made of natural transparent ore after advanced purification process, special filtration and surface treatments.

Product Features

  • T-801 has no free water or crystal water. Instead, it has good temperature resistance, excellent light resistance, and great chemical stability. It is non-hygroscopic and stable for storage and use, for it doesn't lump or agglomerate.
  • The powder is a kind of transparent microcrystal homogeneous silicate, whose crystal size is less than light wavelength. It has a refractive index of 1.54-1.55 that is consistent with most of the resin, so the transparency is much better. It will not be birefractive, so there is low haze and color dispersion, and the coating won't look bluish.
  • T-801 Transparent Powder is processed by special surface treatment to have low oil absorption. It has very good compatibility, wetting dispersibility, leveling and gloss in resin.
  • The particle size of T-801 is very narrow and stable so that it can effectively reduce the shrinkage stress of the coating, and also prevent collapse and improve adhesion of the coating film.


Technical Index


Transparent Powder (Anhydrous) T-801


Transparent minicrystal

D50 Particle Size


Scraper Particle Size






Oil Absorption


PH Value


True Specific Gravity


Refractive Index


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