Transparent Powder T-601

Most modern furniture requires wood coatings that reveal the clear grain of the original wood and show its high-grade, natural appearance. Therefore, the furniture market demands a high level of transparency in wood coatings.

The transparent powder is a functional filler added to coatings to give transparency to the paint film. It can also be used in many transparent polymer products to reduce costs and improve mechanical properties of coatings.


Hoyonn Transparent Powder T-601 for oil-based wood paint is made of high-grade natural transparent crystal ore as raw material, and is then manufactured by special processing technology.

Product Features

  • T-601 has a refractive index of 1.54 ~ 1.55, which is close to most of the wood paint resin such as PE, PU, UV. So it can give the coating higher transparency, especially in PE resin where the transparency is the best.
  • T-601 has its Mohs hardness of 1.5 ~ 2.0, which is close to talcum powder. It's has better grindability to meet the requiements of paint grinding, so that it can replace a large amount of talcum powder. Meanwhile, it can improve the transparency of the coating film and reduce the costs.
  • T-601 has light density, moderate particle size, low oil absorption, and good fallibility. Used in resin, it has good compatibility, dispersity, and anti-precipitation, which can significantly improve the fullness, pliability, collapse resistance, and anti-cracking of the coating film.
  • T-601 has high whiteness and perfect hue. When added to paint, it won't cover the color (white) of the resin. And it can improve the coating solid content to show better appearance without powder sense.


Technical Index


Transparent Powder T-601

D50 Particle Size


Scraper Particle Size





White bright

Absorbed Water


PH Value


Specific Gravity


Refractive Index


Oil Absorption


Usage Suggestion

The transparent powder will slowly dissolve free water if put at a high-temperature place for a long time, which may make the coating film turn white. So its use in some coating formulations is limited.

PE paint: PE resin has high solid content, viscosity, and good coating property for powder. If the production environment (temperature and humidity) is well controlled, it’s recommended to add 20-40% (at most 45%) T-601 to the formulation.

PU paint: Since the dissolved free water may react with the isocyanate in the curing agent, there is a risk of coating turning white. So in PU and UV paint, it’s recommended to add 5-20% T-601 to the formulation.

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