Mission & Vision


Our goal is to provide our customers in the polymer industry with the best functional fillers and additives at competitive market prices with guaranteed quality and service.


Our vision is to be among the first-class of new material providers with sustainable innovation capability in the polymer industry.

Core Values

Hoyonn Vision

Production Consciousness

Guarantee Safety: We conduct our business in strict accordance with local laws and regulations, and pay attention to environmental friendliness in the production and management process.

Focus on Quality: We are committed to improving the quality and innovation of our products and increasing the impact of our brand.

Keep Crisis in Mind: We believe in growing with the competition. We also believe it is important to maintain client confidentiality.

Think Big Picture: We strive to provide the best service through efficient teamwork to satisfy our customers.

Teamwork Culture

Specialist in Functional Fillers and Additives in Polymer Field



Hoyonn Chemical is committed to being a solution provider for worthwhile formulation systems beyond a new material supplier.

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