Modified Barium Sulphate

Hoyonn Modified Barium Sulphate is researched and developed by the company and many local scientific research institutions. It’s produced by advanced synthetic process, special filtering technology, and surface treatment technology.

The modified barium sulphate has better mechanical performances compared to natural barium sulphate or normal precipitated barium sulphate. It has high activation, ultrafine particle size, and can effectively improve the adhesion for the final products.

Hoyonn has been in the mining industry and providing barium sulphate products for 20 years. We offer customized services to satisfy your demand.

Manufacturing Technique of Hoyonn Modified Barium Sulphate

Product Features

1. Hoyonn Modified Barium Sulphate has high activation, good compatibility with resin that can improve mechanical performances for the final products. Its filling rate is about 10% higher than other normal filler materials.

2. It has very low oil absorption, and excellent levelness and machining performance.

3. In the powder coating process, it has outstanding dispersivity compared to normal materials.

4. It also has superior gloss and thixotropy.

Particle Size Analysis

Technical Index

Index & Standard



BaSO4 content




D50 Particle Size


1.4 um

6 um

Whiteness (dry)




Specific Gravity


≥ 4.2 g/cm³

≥ 4.2 g/cm³

Oil Absorption


≤ 16 ml/100 g

≤ 12 ml/100 g

Activation Grade







Residue (325 mesh)




Product Applications

  • In paint and coatings industry
  • In plastics industry (all kinds of modified engineering plastics, color masterbatches, filler masterbatches, etc)
  • In rubber industry
  • In adhisive industry (available for A/B Epoxy Resin Glue and other adhesive filling)
  • And more

Why Hoyonn

Hoyonn Chemical has been in the polymer industry since 2001. We specialize in mineral development, powder processing, R&D innovation, and global sales of barium sulphate and various functional fillers and additives. We have our plants and know-how to supply worldwide customers from powder coatings, paints, plastics, rubber, ink, and more industries.

  • 20 years of expertise in the polymer industry.
  • Pursue high product quality and technology innovation.
  • Offer best formula solution from practical perspective.
  • Free sample examination for all products.
  • Mature export sales team and guaranteed services.

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