What Is the Difference between Floor Paint and Wood Finish

Floor paint and wood finish are used to paint wood floors and furniture. Although they are both applied for home decoration, they are actually not the same thing. Read on to learn what they are and when to apply.

What Is Floor Paint

Floor paint is a coating used for the indoor floor coating finish of buildings. Floor paint has low cost, light weight, easy maintenance and renewal, and has good integrity. It is moisture-proof, dust-proof, chemical-resistant, and can be made into a non-slip or matte effect, etc.

Types of Floor Paint

The floor paint on the market is divided into two categories – solvent-based paint and water-based paint.

Solvent-based floor paint doesn’t have many requirements of the construction environment, like temperature and moderateness. It can form a good glossy surface after application. It primarily uses xylene as the solvent, and the floor paint is finally finished when xylene evaporates.

There are several kinds of water-based paint such as the glossy type and the matte type. The combination of water-based paint is excellent to retain the original color and texture of the wood floor to the maximum extent. It uses water as the solvent, with no xylene or formaldehyde, which is very environmentally friendly.

Floor Paint

What Is Wood Finish

Wood finish is a type of resin lacquer used on wood products, such as polyester and polyurethane lacquer, and there are also water-based and oil-based types. It can be divided into high-gloss, semi-matte, and matte types according to glossiness. Wood finish can be divided into furniture paint, floor paint, etc.

Types of Wood Finish

(1) Nitrocellulose Varnish

It is a kind of volatile paint that dries very fast and has a soft gloss. It is easy to whitish under high humidity weather. It has low fullness and low hardness. Nitrocellulose varnish is suitable for painting small crafts.

(2) Polyester Lacquer

It has a rich paint film, thick layer and hard surface. It is not yellow resistant and has relatively low degree of environmental protection. Polyester lacquer is suitable for painting molded rubber products.

(3) Polyurethane Lacquer

It has strong lacquer film, high gloss, and strong adhesion. It is water-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. However, it is easy to blister, chalking and yellowing in case of moisture. Polyurethane lacquer is commonly used as the top coat for high-grade furniture and floor.

(4) Water-based Wood Paint

Water-based paint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly with no smell and very few volatile substances. But it doesn’t have high hardness, and needs a high temperature for application. It also costs more than other wood paint. Different water-based paints are suitable for different wood products.

Wood Finish

(5) Oil-based Wood Paint

Oil-based paint has strong adhesion, good filling ability and hardness. However, its disadvantage is obvious – pollution to the environment.

Floor Paint VS Wood Finish

Floor paint is a kind of wood finish. The wood finish contains oil-based wood paint and water-based wood paint. Usually, the concept of wood paint is paint using thinners and curing agents. Thinners and curing agents have a lot of chemicals and are not very environmentally friendly.

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