Precipitated Barium Sulphate in Coatings: Applications and Developing Trend

Precipitated barium sulphate is a white amorphous powder with a density of 4.50 and melting point of 1580°C. It has a high refractive index (1.63~1.65, showing white color and opacity), strong chemical inertia, good stability, chemical resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high gloss, and can absorb harmful x and y rays. It is a basic chemical material with very wide applications.

The mannite-sodium sulphate method is the most traditional and commonly used method to make precipitated barium sulphate. In addition to it, other methods are barium sulfide – sulfuric acid method, barium carbonate – sulfuric acid method, and barium mud method.

How Is Precipitated Barium Sulphate Used in Coatings

The coating industry is the biggest consumption field of precipitated barium sulphate, accounting for about 60% of the total consumption. Most common coating types are powder coatings, marine primer, armament equipment paint, automotive paint, latex paint, architectural coatings (interior and exterior wall), etc.

Powder Coating

High-solid Coatings

0.7-0.8μm micronized precipitated barium sulphate is used in high-solid glossy topcoats, which can reduce VOC and replace part of the expensive titanium dioxide.

Black Coatings

White powdered precipitated barium sulphate can be used in pure black paint without affecting the black color. This is because its refractive index is similar to that of commonly used resins, so the precipitated barium sulphate mixed into the formula is not white but transparent and thus does not generate light gray in carbon black coatings.

Solvent-based Paint & Electrophoresis Paint

Precipitated barium sulphate can be used to formulate glossy topcoats with low haze shadow, and solvent-based paint or electrophoresis paint with very low VOC.

Powder Coatings

It is an indispensable component of powder coatings due to its special properties, low base material requirements, and excellent dispersibility.

Water-based Coatings

Because of the chemical inertness and negligible solubility of precipitated barium sulphate, it is as suitable for water-based coatings as it is for conventional coatings.

Precipitated Barium Sulphate in Water-based Paint

Conductive Coatings

Inorganically treated precipitated barium sulphate can be used to formulate glossy conductive coatings, giving conductive properties via inorganic semiconductors to the coating. Meanwhile, other beneficial properties of precipitated barium sulphate remain unchanged.

Automotive Coatings

It is well known that precipitated barium sulphate can be used in all coating films of automotive coatings.

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Developing Trend of Precipitated Barium Sulphate Producers

Since the precipitated barium sulphate industry is a resource-based industry, precipitated barium sulphate producers in China are established in areas rich in barite, coal, and mannite (or metate), for companies to have resource advantages.

China has a large number of barite mineral resources to supply quality precipitated barium sulphate. The precipitated barium sulphate products in China have more versatile applications but are mainly used in paints and coatings.

For precipitated barium sulphate manufacturers, it is important to strengthen technological innovation, develop high-quality and value-added products, and expand their application fields. And in the context of environmental protection, producers should also strengthen their environmental management, focus on energy saving and emission reduction, reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Hoyonn Precipitated Barium Sulphate

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